Scouting Poems

This poem written by Veronica Kane; a grandmother to one of the Bear Scouts.

This poem was written approximately around 1976 and was used as part of the Cub Scout ceremony when the boys received their yellow scarves. A copy is in the scout museum in Texas, originally it was in Morristown NJ. It was submitted to publisher John Campbell and it was published in “Today’s Greatest Poems – 1983 edition”. This poem was also entered in a poetry contest in 1986 were it won a silver award.

Treasure in Blue and Gold


Welcome little boy in your uniform of blue,

Here’s a collar of gold may it surround you.


You’re precious to us that’s why we are here

To help you gain confidence, to help dispel fear.


Start out as a Bobcat & achieve all you can,

Work hard on your book & don’t say you can’t…say you can.


Move on to be Wolf learn how to be fair,

Your achievements will be harder but soon you’ll be Bear.


Be proud of your uniform wear it with pride,

With badges and arrows and friends at your side.


With all your achievements move on to the plaid,

Now you’re a Webelo,  aren’t you glad!


You still have a year to be with us Blue Boy.

We’re proud of our Webelos, ‘You’re our pride & joy’.


It took so long to grow out of seven,

Then time went fast and now you’re eleven


Now you’re a young man wear green with your scarlet.

Please don’t forget, it was here you got started.


Come back to visit, to help…if you can.

We hope your achievements, ‘Help make you a Man’.


-Veronica Kane


Veronica Kane - Scout Poem