Using Scrip Fundraising

Using Scrip Fundraising program really is the most easiest way to pay for your scout's yearly activities.  Wha't easy about it is that when you buy the things you normally purchase each month like groceries, gasoline, eat out and so on you will now buy gift cards for those things and a percentage of what you buy on the gift card will go to your scouts account.  A scout's account can be used to pay for Summer Camp, Outings, and other events.
You're gonna buy stuff each month anyway, why not earn money for your Scout at the Same Time!!!
Pack 29 Scrip Coordinator:
Rosa Whitton
Phone:  714-403-4028
Example of one families purchases & how Scrip helps them pay for Scouts:



 Scrip Rebate    

 Scout dollars earned

 Stater Bros   $200.00          5%              $10.00  
 Shell gas   $100.00         2.5%              $2.50  
 Home Depot  $50.00          4%               $2.00  
 Target    $50.00          2%


 Starbucks              $30.00



 Little Caesars Pizza      $40.00



 Visa Card (misc purchases)




 Total  $520.00  


Annual Total of:
Enough to pay for the whole family to go to summer camp!!
There are 2 ways to participate in this Program:
1) You fill out the manual form and turn in a check to Rosa Whitton each month at the Pack Meeting and your cards will come in time for the Monthly Committee Meeting.
2) You sign up on the Scrip website for PrestoPay (fancy name for paying using debit with your checking account - very safe). This is the recommended method.
Quick Sign up Instructions with Scrip Online Ordering:
1) Go to the Scrip website,
2) Click on the green box on the left side that says "Family Sign Up" and click on "Create Account"
3) Fill in all your information. 
4) After your account is setup, click on PrestoPay, and fill in the information about your checking account.
5) They will deposit 2 small amounts in your checking account that you will need to verify and then enter them into your Scrip account.
6) You will get an "approval code" that you will then email to Rosa ( and she will finish setup of your account.
7) Start shopping!
Cub Scout PackTwentyNine,
Mar 30, 2011, 3:35 PM