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Camp Wiley 2012 -Updated

Camp Wiley Flyer

What:  Camp Wiley for Wolves, Bears, Webelos.  Tigers will be Wolves by then.
When:  Various Dates - We'll decide as a Pack on the next Committee Meeting
Documents:  Annual Health and Medical RecordUpdate:  Only Parts A & B need to be filled out per the Camp Wiley Director.  So a physical is not required.
Cost: Youth $155/ Adult $95.Make payments to the Treasurer at the pack meetings or to your Den Leader.  Deposit's of $50 per scout and adult are due at the March Pack meeting.
Financial Assistance:  If you are having financial difficulties, you can fill out the Campership Form and give to any leader, Cubmaster, or Carol Walls.  If you qualify, the council will pay all or a portion of your Scouts Camping Fees.
Campership Application 2012 - Don't wait until the last minute to turn it in to council!
Check in is from 1pm -- 3pm on the first day of each session  For us 06/30/2012
Check out by 10am

6:30 AM Rise and Shine
7:15 Breakfast, clean up den assignments
8:30 Morning flag ceremony
8:45 Program rotations begin
12:30 PM Lunch, clean up den assignments
2:00 PM Resume program rotations
6:15 PM Evening flag retreat and dinner
8:30 Evening activity
10:00 Lights out. Quiet time in your campsite

First Day Schedule:
1. Our Camp Wiley Staff will greet guests. All campers, adults & youth, must have completed
forms (Medical Forms and parental permission forms) in order to stay.
2. Have one adult leader who is in charge of your pack check; in with an updated Unit
Roster, an approved Tour Plan, any special health/diet restrictions updates, medical forms
for every participant, camp release and parent guardian consent forms for each scout, and get further set up instructions.
3. As a Pack, take your camping equipment to the assigned campsite. Change into swimsuits,
(if you?re not already wearing them we recommend wearing them to camp). You will have time later to set up camp.
4. Swimming test ALL who plan to be swimming must take the test; both youth and adults.
A swim test is also required to participate in lakefront activities.
5. Set up your campsite.
6. Assemble at the Camp Flag pole at 4:30 pm. Members of Camp Wiley Staff will take the youth on a tour of the camp.
*All adults report to the Dinning Hall for a leader meeting.
7. Assemble for Flag Ceremony and administrative comments at 6:00 pm followed by dinner.
8. Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat adult training class held during dinner.
9. Report to Bear Trap Bowl at 8:00 pm for Scout Own denominational religious service A Scout is reverent
10. Opening Campfire will follow.
11. Cracker barrel after campfire.
12. 10:00 p.m.Lights out, all in campsites.

Information About Camp Helendade
53155 Idyllbrook Drive 
Idyllwild, CA 92549  
(951) 659-2690 
Ranger: Jeff Loefke (
Address/Directions To Camp Helendade:
Camp Helendade's address is 53155 Idyllbrook Drive, Idyllwild, CA 92549
From High Desert: 
Take the I-15 South to the I-215 South. Continue through Riverside and Moreno Valley. Exit Ramona Expressway-Cajalco Expressway and proceed east. Follow Ramona Expressway to State Highway 74 in San Jacinto. Turn left onto 74 and proceed to State Highway 243. At junction, use left turn to 243. 

From Low Desert: 
At 111 in Palm Desert, proceed to the 74 West Junction. Follow 74 to Mountain Center. Turn right onto State Highway 243. 

From Murrieta-Temecula: 
Take Winchester Rd. north to Highway 74. Turn right and proceed on 74 east and proceed to State Highway 243. At junction, use left turn to 243. 

From Pass Area: 
Take 243 South to Idllywild. 

Once in Town: 
Once in the Idyllwild area, take the Isomata or Camp Emerson turn-off on Tollgate Road (There is a sign to Camp Emerson, BSA, which is seen easier heading North). Continue for approximately one mile, and follow the signs to camp.

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